[ANN][ICO][BOUNTY][AIRDROP] PRISMA Prismacoin [PRIS] – Sustainable Lending

  • P R I S M A - A sustainable multipurpose cryptocurrency lending platform


    Lending platforms are nothing new in the cryptocurrency space. The fundamental principle - lending money

    to the platform to receive interest over time - has only one flaw : the revenue which is distributed to the lenders often

    exceeds the revenue flowing in by the platform services after a short period of time.

    P R I S M A works to solve this problem by amassing a substantial service portfolio with beneficial tools for the cryptocurrency community

    while also providing a resilient lending model leading to steady profits for individuals who invest in the platform.

    The P R I S M A platform will consist of several cryptocurrency services, an internal exchange and a lending system,

    all accessible via one website and mobile app. The platform is fueled by its token, the Prismacoin (PRIS) ,

    which is an ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain.

    P R I S M A stands for:

    [*] Sustainability: Using a revenue model with built-in protection against lending spikes or service usage drops

    [*] Multipurpose: Build-up of a diverse service & tool portfolio for the cryptocurrency community

    [*] Steady lending profits: Synergistic investment and service ecosystem leading to a steady value appreciation of PRIS

    For details please read our whitepaper : https://prismacoin.net/whitepaper

    ICO starts on 10th May, 2018 , see details below or at: https://prismacoin.net/ico

    You can use your referral address in all reward program posts and contributions.

    The community reward program starts on 3rd May, 2018.

    The community reward/bounty will be sent after the eligible persons provided us with their respective

    Ethereum public wallet address (via social media or email). We will contact those persons at the end of the ICO.


    0pt] Get 5 FREE PRIS in the PRISMA Airdrop

    (valued at 5+ USD at end of ICO) by:

    1) Joining our Telegram groups: https://t.me/prismacoin and https://t.me/prismacoin_chat

    2) Following our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/prismacoin_net

    3) Retweeting this tweet: https://twitter.com/PRISMACOIN_net/status/993249043198480384

    (All 3 steps are required for 5 FREE PRIS)

    Post Telegram ID, link to your Twitter account and your public ETH address in the bounty thread so that we can verify your participation.

    Additionally: PRISMA Airdrop Lottery

    We will give a total amount of 2000 PRIS in this airdrop lottery to users interested in P R I S M A . From each of the 3 modes of participation

    listed below 50 people will be selected at random after the ICO that will receive 10 PRIS each. Those people will be

    contacted via the used platform. You can participate in all 3 modes to get the chance of winning up to 30 PRIS .

    You can use your referral address in all airdrop posts. The 3 modes of particiation are:

    [*]Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/prismacoin_net

    [*]Join our Telegram chat group: https://t.me/prismacoin_chat

    [*]Post (at least) once on any one social media platform while using the hashtags #prismacoin , #prismaplatform and #prismalending

    & the URL to our website https://prismacoin.net

    One lucky participant chosen randomly will win 500 PRIS !

    Thank you for your interest in P R I S M A .

    Again, you can get informations & follow and contact us on:

    Website : https://prismacoin.net   

       Whitepaper : [url=https://prismacoin.net/whitepaper] https://prismacoin.net/whitepaper

    Email : support@primacoin.net

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/prismacoin_net

    Telegram Announcement : https://t.me/prismacoin

    Telegram Official Group : https://t.me/prismacoin_chat

    Note that these are the only official Twitter and Telegram channels of P R I S M A .