Is Cloud Based Mining provided by Digcoin ?

  • I feel like that. Early in the crypto mine there were thousands of miners with minimal carbon footprints due to very little energy demand. They currently live in a world where energy consumption is greatly increased in countries where Cryptocult explodes explosively and is being generated using fossil fuels.

    The majority of mining rights also challenges the fact that large corporate couple who have complete control over protocol changes are residing and hard forks are driven by the most profitable individuals. The DIG coin eliminates this imbalance and brings a fair harmony for encryption mining.

    By procuring DIG coins and income with this ICO, we will launch a new cloud mining company called digital excavator that provides a significant discount on cloud mining contracts purchased with DIG coins.

    I believe that DIG coins will lead a new generation of cloud mining customers involved in encryption mining. The initial market value of a DIG coin is guaranteed by a cloud mining contract ($ 0.50 in any case). People who buy coins through our ICO. For details, please visit